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1. made up of mixed, often diverse, elements;

2. tech superheroes using our powers for good.


Ragtag's team of tech volunteers helps activists, organizers, non-profits, and candidates break down tech barriers to achieving their organizing goals. Ragtag helps folks with a background in tech find high-quality, engaging opportunities to use their tech skills to make a difference and create positive progressive change.


Respect. Empower. Include. Resist.


Team up with Ragtag and level up your tech.

We help progressive groups with anything from building a web app to troubleshooting wifi for a phone bank. Interested in enlisting our help?

Use your powers for good. Join the Ragtag team.

Ragtag's volunteers include developers, content creators, strategists, designers, data scientists, organizers, and managers. Ready to join?     


Take a look at some of our current projects in our project gallery.