Press Release

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March 23, 2018
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 Ragtag, an organization that connects values-driven tech experts and organizers, brought together a highly skilled volunteer team to round out the technology presence for this weekend’s March for Our Lives. This team served as a critical contributor to the effort, ensuring that the students and their families have had the information and context they need to make decisions during a busy time. The work benefited from and reflected expertise from previous Ragtag engagements with activists and organizers in the past year.

“We are honored -- and thrilled -- to have been asked to help with the March for Our Lives. The students leading this movement are incredibly inspirational and visionary leaders,” said Brady Kriss, Founder and Executive Director for Ragtag. “We’re excited that we were in a position to be of service.”

Within a day of being contacted, Ragtag had major components of the team in place, zeroing in on issues ranging from design to scalability to security and privacy. Over the course of the project, over thirty people jumped in to help, including several outside engineers. The team made sure that critical infrastructure related to donations and texting operations were in place, and ensured that content and widgets from multiple sources -- including Everytown and Rock the Vote -- were appropriately integrated into the March for Our Lives website.

“When we got the call on March 2nd, we immediately put our organization into action. Our incredible teams have such valuable professional skills,” said Jill Huchital, Co-founder and Head of Product for Ragtag. “We build and advise with a long-term view, while making sure that our technical solutions fit the needs of quick-moving, incredible activists.”

Ragtag is about shaping a new sustainable technology community -- websites, data management systems, apps, design -- and making sure that the individuals and groups we work with have the information and context they need to make informed decisions. We encourage any technologists interested in volunteering to consider joining by visiting: https://ragtag.org/join.