Project Nomad

Have canvassers traveling to your district to support your GOTV effort? Ragtag's Nomad is here to help.

Inspired by technology built in 2016 that allowed thousands to travel from California to Nevada, Nomad helps volunteers form carpools to travel from their home location to a canvassing event, making it easier to participate in political activism. Nomad is a virtual corkboard, where volunteers driving from safely Democratic areas to neighboring districts can offer rides to volunteers who can’t drive themselves.

If you're interested in using Nomad, please fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch ASAP!

localhost by Ragtag

Progressive groups have long relied on donated housing for out-of-town volunteers and staffers. But the process of recruiting hosts and connecting them with volunteers is time consuming and labor intensive.

localhost provides a platform for members of a community to offer housing, and search for housing. localhost can be quickly launched for different communities, organizations, or campaigns.