Digital Security Trainings for Campaign Staff, Grassroots Organizers and Volunteers

Ragtag is leveraging the expertise of our community of technologists to help local and state campaigns and grassroots organizations level-up their digital security practices. We are working directly with campaign staff, organizers, activists and volunteers to help them implement digital security best practices, and make security a part of their routine. Our trainings go beyond simply handing out a security checklist, and instead help participants understand both why the security steps are important, and how to actually implement them in their own lives and on their campaigns.

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Protect your accounts from hackers (online webinar)

We’ll cover setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) on your accounts. We’ll discuss the what, why and how of 2FA. Together, we will walk through how to set up 2FA on a Gmail account. Please have your smart phone or your security key (if you have one) handy and be prepared to access your Gmail account.

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