Tech superheroes using our powers for good.


We help progressive groups with anything from building a web app to troubleshooting wifi for a phone bank. Interested in enlisting our help?

Ragtag's volunteers include developers, content creators, strategists, designers, data scientists, organizers, and managers. Ready to join?


Respect. Empower. Include. Resist.


Ragtag's Approach


We respect the work our partner organizations do. We know that no tech tool or app can take the place of solid on-the-ground organizing. No tech team ninja-wizard-unicorn squad can understand the needs of communities like those who have been working in and with their communities for years or even decades.


We empower our partner organizations to harness amplifying power of technology to build their movements and achieve their goals. We teach and train our partners so that they can build capacity for tech in their own organizations. We know that the long-term sustainability of activist organizations requires at least a basic understanding of the tech tools available for organizing, and how to make the most of them.


We include our partners as active participants in discussions about what their needs are, and how we might help. We actively work to be inclusive in the products we build, by building for accessibility as well as approachability. Our goal is to make sure that lack of tech knowledge, skill, or confidence is never the barrier to active participation in civic or political life.