About Ragtag


Let’s build....


We are a ragtag volunteer team of technologists, tech enthusiasts, political and community organizers, and activists building progressive change from the ground up. Our members are uniquely skilled to tackle the problems facing America at the local level and scaling those solutions across the nation.

Are you ready to build the resistance?


Have a project you'd like Ragtag to collaborate on? We are always looking for ways to use our skills to connect and empower organizers and activists to put ideas into action. From building tech tools for local groups to data wrangling organizing events, we are here to enable the movement to grow. Just click "Connect" to get in touch.


Our members have delivered everything from software for volunteer canvassing armies to developing tools for Presidential campaigns, and our current, growing list of projects range from direct intervention to build a template for effective remote political involvement to aggregation and re-syndication through a public API of activist action data.


Let's build.

Let’s build connections and communities.

Let’s build friendships.

Let’s build skills, and interests, and breadth and depth of knowledge.


Let’s build bridges.

Let’s build confidence.

Let’s build tools and apps and websites.

Let’s build empathy.

Let’s build a community.

Let’s build a Ragtag team.