Sister District

Sister District's logo.

Sister District was founded on the idea that safely Democratic districts could adopt a red or purple “sister district” in another part of the country and work with that district to support state races. Volunteers could sign up with their ZIP code to be assigned to the chapter for their congressional district, but congressional districts and ZIP codes don't match up exactly. Ragtag built a tool that figures out, based on the volunteer's ZIP code, and address if necessary, which chapter is best for the volunteer.

Also, Sister District’s donations are collected via ActBlue, and staffers had to do extra work to correlate donation data with internal volunteer records. Engineering volunteers at Ragtag worked with Sister District and ActBlue, to get the donation data out of ActBlue, do some minor processing, and upload it into Sister District's internal database. Ragtag volunteers are happy to help Sister District staffers spend less time with CSV files and more time on their core mission.